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Common non-surgical cosmetic procedures

Taking care of your skin should be one of your most important concerns. Your complexion say a lot of things about you and your health condition, which is why you need to make sure it looks impeccable and neat. However, the passing of time cannot be stopped and although there are some things you can do to delay signs of aging, you will not be able to do this forever. At some point, wrinkles, age spots and freckles become very hard to ignore, so you may need to look for professional help. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of cosmetic clinics Brisbane providing specialised services aimed to bring back your skin’s elasticity and natural glow. These are more than some mere cosmetic procedures, so you need to pay a lot of attention when choosing the clinic. Here are some of the most popular non nonsurgical cosmetic treatments you can get in a specialised beauty salon.

Wrinkle remedies

As much as you try to avoid it, aging signs will appear on your face. The forehead, your mouth corners and the exterior side of your eyes – these are the most common spots where wrinkles are likely to become noticeable. Your facial expressions leave marks on your skin, and at some point these cannot be eliminated unless you get a professional wrinkle remedy. The normal procedure involves injections of botulinum toxins, a substance obtained after the purification of botulinum bacteria. Its most popular components are botox, disport and xeomin and the method will definitely offer you a reliable temporary fix. The solution injected because it can relax clenched facial muscles that make visible frown lines and other similar wrinkles. The entire procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes, is painless and delivers results after only three sessions. In order to maintain your looks, you are probably going to have to repeat the process every 3 to 6 months.

Chemical peels

You are probably scrubbing regularly at home, but a professional chemical peeling will leave your complexion clearer and shiny. The solution applied on your face consists in a special mixture of acids (glycolic, lactic, salicylic and trichloroacetic), that will completely eliminate dead cells from the exterior layers of your skin. The procedure may take a while, because the substance takes up to 15 minutes to apply and you need to let it act. You may feel a bit of itching, stinging and irritation, but this means that the solution is doing its job. In the following days, the upper layers of your skin will peel, making room for new smooth layers.

Laser hair removal

This procedure is not directly linked to your skin, but is a technique increasingly popular lately. It helps you eliminate unwanted hairs from different parts of your body (arms, under arms, legs, bikini line, face etc) and unlike other methods; it is completely painless and provides long lasting results. The operation takes place by the means of an electronic device with beams of laser light and needs to be supervised by a professional practitioner.