Everyday makeup tips for a flawless appearance Nov14


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Everyday makeup tips for a flawless appearance


Because woman love to always look impeccable, regardless if they are going to a party, to work or just shopping, applying makeup is part of their daily routine. However, managing to obtain a flawless complexion, without seeming like you are wearing too much makeup for daytime can sometimes be difficult. Well, if you want to look perfect whenever you leave your house, but still keep things natural, following a few makeup tips might come in handy. Here are the things you should know and do:

The base matters most

You will not achieve an impeccably looking makeup without wearing the right foundation. You can easily make mistakes in this department by either choosing an inappropriate shade, a formula that does not suit your skin type, or opting to wear a heavy, full coverage foundation during the day. When you are buying such a makeup product, one that you are planning to use every day, make sure to pay attention to these aspects, and to ask for the assistance of a makeup consultant if you have difficulties in making a choice. Stick to a light foundation, and apply it using the right brush or sponge. Also, remember that you should always start with primer first – this is an essential first step in any makeup routine, allowing your makeup to last longer and look much smoother.

Go with a matte lip

If you read makeup blogs or ask the advice of experts, you will see that the majority of beauty gurus recommend women to opt for a matte lip for a daily look. Although you might love gloss, and this might be your regular choice, gloss lipsticks are usually more appropriate for the night time. Whether you go for a bold color, such as red or dark purple, and keep your eye makeup minimal, or you choose a classic nude tone, a matte lipstick will bring your overall makeup look together, giving it the perfect final touch.

Less is more

Last but not least, remember that less is more. Most of the time a foundation, some blush, lipstick and mascara might be all you need. However, if you are feeling like doing a cat eye, stick to some eyeliner only and skip on the eye shadow, to keep things as natural as possible. Don’t go over the top with contouring, a light natural blush being all it takes to make your checks pop. Also, although wearing highlighter during the day is a perfectly good choice, you should apply only a light amount, for a day look a creamy highlighter being the perfect option.

Whether you are going to brunch with your friends on a Sunday, or you are heading to the office, you probably want to look spectacular when walking out the door. Well, regardless of how fashionable your outfit might be, or how beautifully you have styled your hair, your look will not seem complete without the perfect makeup. These few tips will help you look your best on a daily basis, achieving a flawless, natural looking appearance.