Feel and look like you are 20 again with these facials       Jan05


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Feel and look like you are 20 again with these facials      


Women especially are concerned about the way their skin looks and feels. At some point, it becomes harder to ignore the fine wrinkles in the corner of your mouth or eyes. This may be the point at which you decide that you must take action. Luckily, the knife is not the only intervention you can turn your attention to in this case. You can find a reputable clinic and have your face treated with some professional facials, in order to erase the time off of your face. Needless to say, these treatments are by far preferred instead of surgery, because of obvious reasons. But below we have a list of some of the most popular facials you should try this year.

Apple and Vitamin C facial

A combination of ingredients found in nature, this mask is designed to brighten tired skin and give it a new, fresh glow. Hyperpigmentation is an issue of all types of skin, but especially of ageing skin. Pigmentation spots appear due to the lack of collagen in the skin, or as a result of acne. Luckily, this type of mask, if professionally prepared and applied can reduce those spots and hydrate the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. Professional spas and salons only use ingredients of the highest quality, starting from organic apples and continuing with the best Vitamin C extract available nowadays. Not only during this type of mask your skin will enjoy a delicate, yet effective exfoliating interventions, but the apple malic acid and Vitamin C will also stimulate collagen production, making your skin look younger and erasing some solid years off your face.

Seaweed and propolis face mask

The seaweed infused propolis extract mask is developed for another type of skin issue, namely dehydrated skin. Also suitable for Rosacea skin types, this face mask is doing an extremely great job at retaining moisture in the skin. The propolis serum also helps to decrease inflammation and skin sensitivity.  Inflammation is a common issue for ageing skin, but this mask will assure you that you take care of all the high-interest areas of your body: neck, shoulders and face. This type of mask will erase some solid years off your face because it will help your skin retain moisture with more ease.

White sage facial mask

This mask is developed to rejuvenate the skin through a delicate exfoliation process. Also, with sage is amazing when it comes to face cleansing and rehydrating, which is another common issue of ageing skin. This type of mask is a truly amazing one, because the natural extracts in white sage will erase some years of every woman’s face. Given our continuous concerns with the way our skin looks, this is a truly impressive face mask.

Professionally done face masks are truly incredible for those who want to maintain a youthful complexion and for those who want to erase some years off their face. Only make sure that they are professionally done.