Good makeup beats Photoshop any day Jul02


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Good makeup beats Photoshop any day

In recent years we have continually heard in the media that this or that photo has been modified in Photoshop and that celebs do not really look as perfect as they appear. Many celebrities and even models resort to this program in order to correct certain skin imperfections, but the truth is that a makeover realized by a real professional is much more efficient than any program. In addition to this, in reality no one has time to waste on erasing wrinkles and blemishes from a huge number of photos. Ottawa makeup artists take makeup to the next level, transforming it into an art. When realizing a photo shoot, you should always work with a dedicated makeup artist and here is why.


This acronym is used in the beauty industry so as to designate the makeup artist (MAKE UP ARTIST).  This professional is the person who provides adequate maquillage for runway models, movie stars and singers. His job is to use his creativity and skills in order to transform the face of the model. In order to do this, the professional must be able to take into consideration the demands of clients and create a visual representation that is both technically flawless and full of imagination. This is done by getting accustomed with the work of the photographer they work with and respecting the theme of the shooting, but not only. Specialists in maquillage also interact with the entire production team. In addition to this, the specialist is indirectly responsible for putting the model into the right state of mind before the shoot.

Shooting or the camera

There is a huge difference between realizing a makeup for a photo shoot and for everyday purposes. The catch lies in the amount of lighting used in a regular set.  As it is widely known, the excessive lighting and the camera will not only make any skin imperfection more visible, but the person’s makeup will be practically inexistent,. As a result, photographer work only with professionals that have the right equipment in order to handle the entire coverage and correct issues such as blemishes and pigmentation. The fact is that while some can resort to programs that even add maquillage to the portrait; at any given photo shoot the director takes about fifty photos or more in order to get the catch the best side of the model. Correcting all those photos takes a lot of time and consequently many seek the help of a professional makeup artist that is able to create the impression of the perfect complexion.

In conclusion, directors who do not wish to waste much time on correcting photos for film shooting or other types of projects should definitely work with a specialist in maquillage. Talents can be found on the Internet and you can even consider collaborating with students from beauty schools that are still in training.