Handmade jewellery – affordable yet amazing accessories Jun02


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Handmade jewellery – affordable yet amazing accessories

Nowadays there are plenty of accessory stores where you can find the most amazing pieces of jewellery, and you may be surprised to find out that these are handmade items, created by extremely gifted people. These are assembled and put together without the use of sophisticated devices or late hour machines, and there are even dedicated organizations recognizing the objects as being “handmade”, according to some well-established criteria. The tools used, such as drills, lathes or hooks, must be manually operated, and all the processes of creation include hand guidance. The different components are brought together through many techniques, and most of the times the results are impressive and no one could say that the jewellery was made without the use of automated devices. Those who manage to create them are actually artist, using various materials and small objects, in order to create unique designs and items.


Where does handmade jewellery originate from?

Most people consider that this type of unusual accessories have first appeared in Africa, were people used materials such as animal parts (claws, bones or teeth) or shells in order to create adornments for their outfits. The accessories they worn were extremely beautiful and precious, and sometimes represented the distinction between the tribes people belonged to. In other parts of the world, the accessories included bracelets and necklaces, which used to have a religious and spiritual significance. Nowadays, handmade jewellery has become extremely popular and is some of the most widespread trends in fashion.


Common materials used to make jewellery

Handcrafted accessories can be found in stores all around the world, and sometimes those who make them choose to display them in local fairs or specially designed places. Most of the times, these are statement pieces, made of precious and unusual materials. The most common materials used by specialists are gemstones, mother of pearl, glass, metal, amber or plastic, interconnected with fabrics such as ribbon, special coated wires or threads. The gems and beads are mixed and interconnected in different forms and shapes, depending on the purpose and imagination of the one who creates the jewellery. These can be worn with almost anything, being suitable to any style and type of outfit.


Why do customers choose handcrafted accessories?

More and more customers all around the world are attracted by handmade decorations, not only in terms of interior but also in terms of jewellery. This is mainly happening because they realise the importance and uniqueness of these items, which can sometimes be found in singular copy and cannot be bought as wholesale products. The incredible charm and looks of these accessories have made them extremely popular, and many public figures have expressed their preference for handcrafted objects. Everyone has at least one handmade piece of jewellery, and this is not only due to the fact that they are very beautiful, but also because they are sold in exchange for affordable prices. Creating and marketing these products is strongly promoted among crafters, in order to encourage small businesses and economy.