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How to choose your make-up products correctly

Choosing make-up products can represent a stressful task when you have absolutely no idea where to start from. Since this is one of the most paramount factors to obtain that flawless look you are striving for, you’ll need to get most of the information you need from all the sources you can find. Asking friends or even professionals in the field of make-up can help you choose products that won’t hurt your skin and will provide the expected results. It is a lot trickier than you may think to choose the right tone, texture or any other quality of them that definitely needs to fit your skin.

Describing skin

  • Skin tone

Besides the fact that skin tones tend to change according to different seasons or other factors that interfere with our skin’s aspect, it is difficult enough to establish what type of foundation, powder or base you should use. First of all, you should start looking for flytende mineralsminke products and see what nuances are available. After that, check your skin for hyperpigmentation or discoloration problems since they can be triggers for mistaken your shade. Try going to a make-up store and place fair, light, medium and dark pigmented products on your neck or hand to see what colour seems to fits you. Burning easily in the sun might mean fair skin and so on.

  • Undertone

The undertone of your complexion is even more important than the tone itself. It determines the natural look of the make-up you will be wearing. Cool, warm or neutral undertones need to be matched with a specific type of product which combines both the tone and the undertones mentioned. Mineralsminke products can be found in a large variety so don’t worry about not finding your exact nuance. If you tend to experience pink areas on your skin with bluish hints you may want to go for cool undertones. When your complexion goes towards yellowish, peachy or gold nuances warm is your undertone. Neutral works for people with a normal skin, with no evident signs of coloration.

Make-up benefits

  • Anti-aging

You might want to go for mineral make-up when you’re striving for that anti-age effect. Full coverage foundation that you can wear for long period of time along with high SPF protection is what you are looking for in the first place. Try searching for foundations and primers which contain extracts and substances that help your skin fight the imperfections you are trying to cover.

  • Comfortable wear

In case you don’t want to feel your entire face covered in a thick layer of products opt out for moisturizing foundations with amino acids and other derivatives. This way you’ll be keeping your skin healthy and good-looking at the same time, without feeling like your face is falling off. Comfort is important when wearing make-up, especially because you don’t want to worry every ten minutes about how your face looks.