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Matching the makeup with the wedding dress

When it comes to wedding makeup, dress and accessories, the most important thing is to pay attention to details and match everything perfectly. While the concept of the wedding dress and accessories is princess-like, the makeup needs to be subtle and enhance the natural beauty. Your wedding makeup should give a feeling of soft elegance, purity and nobility. Considering the fact that most wedding dresses are white and extravagant, you will need to match these features by choosing opposites. This means that you should avoid using white makeup and extravagant colors. The makeup needs to complete and enhance the beauty of your beautiful dress. If you wear a wedding dress of intricate design, a simple makeup will be ideal, not to mention that the bridal jewelry also needs to be subtle in its shine to ensure that your look does not become tacky. The secret of a beautiful bride lies in detail. Matching your makeup with the bridal garters sets or finding a hairband of the same lace your dress is made of are subtle details that will leave a great impact. You need to be perfect on your wedding day and attention to such details is what gives the impression of perfection and eternal beauty.


When preparing for your wedding, there is a certain order in which you need to take care of your attire. First of all, you must choose the wedding dress, because this is the hardest thing to do. Depending on your body conformation, preferences and budget limit, you will need to make compromises and having to match the dress with your new pearl necklace will only add complication to this already daunting task. After choosing the dress, you should choose the jewelry and bridal garters sets. Make sure they match your dress perfectly. Of course, the next thing on the list is choosing the perfect pair of shoes. You need to make sure that its size fits with the length of your dress. Last, but not least on the list is the makeup. The reason why you should do your makeup last is the fact that depending on how extravagant your whole weeding set is – dress plus accessories, you will need to adjust your makeup.


Those brides that prefer simple and elegant dresses with small accessories can opt for more extravagant makeup. However, they should not exaggerate with the color and intensity, because you are supposed to look pure and happy on your wedding day, and heavy makeup will ruin that image. If you have a much cluttered wedding dress with large and shiny jewelry, you will need to choose a less intense makeup, something natural that will enhance your beauty. The natural makeup has always been a popular choice for the wedding day, because it fits so well with the white fairy-tale wedding dresses, not to mention that it fits with the role of the bride.