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Popular types of hair extensions

Extensions are great for women who do not want to wait for their hair to grow or want to cover up certain problems they have been experiencing with their hair. Even though many women think that extensions are only a good choice if you want to stay with them for a long time, the fact is that there are many types of Ottawa hair extensions, designed to meet the needs of every person.


Clip-in extensions

These are probably the best choice if you are not yet decided if this is the best way to go. By far a noncommittal choice, they are fun to wear from time to time. If you do not want to wear extensions on a regular basis and you just want to look good for a certain event, this is the best way to go. Keep in mind that the quality of such extensions varies considerably and the more you spend, the better quality you will receive. Also, consider choosing real hair over fake one, as it will maintain better and be easier to blend with the rest of your hair.



These extensions will be attached to your hair through keratin bonds and they are by far one of the most popular choices among women, simply because they look amazing. Even though maintaining them will require regular visits to the salon, you will pamper yourself more often and enjoy all the attention. In addition, these extensions look completely natural and you do not need to worry about people noticing that you are wearing them.



The weave or the sewn-in extensions are ideal for very thick and curly hair. The actual application process requires the client’s natural hair to be tightly braided, after which the extensions will be sewn. These extensions are ideal for those who have hair thick enough to handle them. They will require regular salon visits, to make sure that they stay in place as the natural hair grows. Their durability mainly depends on how well your own hair can handle them, but you will have to go every six to eight weeks to your hairstylist to tighten everything up.


Other types of extensions include micro-bead and tape, allowing women who want to have thicker and longer hair to have plenty of options to choose from. All these systems are designed for various needs and various types of hair, so that every person can find something suitable for their needs and preferences.