Ribbon winter accessories for fashionistas Jan24


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Ribbon winter accessories for fashionistas


Winter is here and it’s no secret. While there may be areas in the country in which winter has not shown its teeth yet, there are other locations in which the cold weather has arrived sooner than expected. However, even though it’s colder outside, this shouldn’t prevent you from wearing amazing outfits, embellished with some cute accessories. Things will get even better, when hearing that the investment is lower than you might have expected. All you really need is a few cute looking ribbons and you can easily find them on theribbonroom.co.uk. Coming back to the story, here are three winter accessories that could really use a few ribbons to add that fashion sparkle.


The wool hat – fashionista’s version


So, it’s cold outside and you need to keep warm. The way to do that is to invest in a few wool hats. Sometimes, their winter-y aspect isn’t exactly what you might call appealing. Luckily there is a way to embellish them. You could simply add bows to them, lovely, delicate bows coming in all sizes.  Some women prefer the ribbons large, so they won’t pass unnoticed. Other women like ribbons to be more delicate so they go for smaller ones and place them on one side instead of in the middle or even better on the back of the hat.


The scarf of ribbons


This might sound as a strange name for an accessory, but truth be told, it is a lot simpler to obtain than what you might have thought. All you need is a simple scarf, preferably one that you like wearing and that keeps you warm. Now, start adding ribbons. Create a system, based on colors or fabrics. If you are not necessarily a fan of systems, you can get spontaneous. Add bows and ribbons wherever you want to. The idea is to be creative.


Gloves and ribbons


Gloves are the ultimate winter sign. When you start searching the house for them, you know that the winter is here and you need to prepare. The good thing about fashion is that you can turn any item no matter how boring or plain it might look into an actual statement piece. How? All you need are just a few ribbons, two of them to be more exact. So find those two bows you appreciate the most and add them to your favorite pair of gloves.  You’ll see how winter becomes a more pleasant season.