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The IPL hair removal technology

Intense pulse light or IPL is a newly developed technology used to perform skin treatments of a wide range with both aesthetic and therapeutic effects. Cosmetic and medical practitioners use this technology to remove hair and treat dermatologic conditions. The IPL technology is based on a broad spectrum light source and various filters that help target specific problems and structures. Unlike the already outdated laser technology, it has the ability to target specific chromophores with the help of its unique cutoff filters, making it ideal for curing difficult skin diseases and removing hair accurately. The intense pulse of light has a range from 500 nm to 1200 nm and the skin is protected from heating with a special cooling agent. The IPL technology has been proven to be safer and more efficient than other methods, which is why its popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years. Numerous hair removal Brisbane clinics have switched to IPL after its effectiveness has come to light. The intense pulse light reduces the hair growth permanently.


The main difference between laser and intense pulse technology is the type of light they use. While lasers use coherent and monochromatic light, the intense pulse uses non-coherent light. The broad spectrum light that targets melanin reaches the root of the hair where we have the highest concentration of melanin and damages the papilla, which is responsible with the production of hair. The IPL technology has a permanent effect and is successful even when dealing with dark capillaries. After the first treatment, hair will continue to grow, but its number will be considerably diminished. One needs to make the treatment a couple of times to ensure that all hair is permanently reduced. This is not a sign of the inefficiency of the method; it is a normal thing to occur considering the fact that hair follicles which are not active at the moment of the treatment will not be affected.


First developed in the hope of curing vascular conditions, the IPL technology is extremely efficient for hair removal. Widely used around the world, the system has multiple applications, including for dry eye treatment and facial rejuvenation. It is known that treatment on the facial skin will improve its laxity and collagen production, a very sought after function. Those interested in this new technology should learn more about its applications and resort only to clinics that use patented technology.