The right way to treat your face and other cosmetology tips Jan11


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The right way to treat your face and other cosmetology tips


Did you know that the skin routine you have for your face affects the way it looks? Quickly washing your face in the morning with some water and some random soap is not the answer, especially if you have acne-prone skin or sensitive skin. You should learn how to take care of your skin because you will see the results of your actions later on when the skin gets older and wrinkles start to appear. You can make wrinkles appear later and be less visible if you are following some pieces of advice. If you are passionate about it and you would like to help out other people in need of such services, you should know that all the cosmetology schools out there can help you out in this direction. Until then, follow these tips:

Overnight beauty tips

Items you have in your own home can actually help your skin a lot. For instance, if you have some honey in your pantry, all you have to do is use it for purposes like:

  • Dry lips – exfoliating your lips with sugar and then applying a layer of honey on your lips, leaving it overnight will have an amazing effect on your skin, leaving it soft and smooth
  • Acne – many people struggling with acne use honey and bandages for cystic zits; leaving the zit to soak in honey overnight and rinsing with water in the next morning will make it look better, heal faster and hurt less
  • Glowing skin – if you feel like your face skin is kind of dull and has no glow to it, then mix one part of honey with two parts of Aloe Vera extract and apply the mask on your face; leave the mask overnight and you will wake up with glowing, smooth skin
  • Scars – honey is also amazing for scars; apply raw honey to the affected area and leave it overnight; repeat the process often and the scar will slowly start to fade away
  • Blackheads – if you have trouble with dealing with blackheads, then a good method to get rid of it would be combining honey and lemon juice and apply the mixture to the affected area before bedtime

How to properly wash your face

You can learn all of these and much more if you decide to attend cosmetology schools. You have nothing to lose and the results will be long-lasting. There is a certain way to wash your face and it includes these steps:

  • Washing face with warm water and a face cleanser
  • Pat dry with a clean towel
  • Apply toner
  • Apply acne treatment
  • Apply eye primer, serum, collagen creams
  • Apply moisturizer
  • Apply sunscreen to protect your face from UV rays
  • Apply makeup primer so you can proceed with your makeup routine

The same goes for taking your makeup off, without applying the very last step. Your face needs to be moisturized and protected at all times and just washing your face won’t do the job. Invest time into it and your skin will glow.