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The types of amber jewelry

Amber jewelry are one of the most loved fashion choices and this popularity can be explained by their unique charm and beauty. Although generally classified as a semiprecious stone, amber is in fact tree raisin which needed millions of years to fossilize. Many women adore it and would love to dedicate to it a special place in their jewelry box, but before rushing to the nearest store, it is important to know that there are many types of amber jewelry, each having its own color and texture characteristics. Learning about them is vital, because only like this can you see the difference between genuine and fake items. These are the most common classifications:



Geographically speaking, amber is most often found in the Baltic region, from where people have been extracting it for thousands of years. These deposits have an age of over 40 million years and are usually produced by pines. Due to its age, Baltic amber is softer and needs careful maintenance. Next, there is the Dominican amber, which is a term used to describe amber originating from the Dominican Republic and other regions from South and Central America. Produced by a species called Hymenaea protera, this type is younger than Baltic amber also more resistant. Because it is more difficult to extract, amber jewelry from this region is also much more valuable, so buying an item from of this type is considered quite an investment.



Although amber jewelry is most often associated with warm shades of yellow, orange and brown, these are not the only colors available. The Dominica region, for example, is the only place where blue amber can be found. There is also black, red, violet, white and green amber. The genuine stone, however, is usually not homogenous and changes its color depending on the source of light. For example, blue amber appears to be blue only when it comes into contact with ultraviolet rays, but when kept in other conditions it has the regular cognac color.



From the point of view of treatment and processing, there are also many types of amber jewelry. Obviously, the most valuable and expensive type is natural Baltic amber, which has only been mechanically modified. This jewelry can be very original and rare varieties even include pieces of insects that have been preserved for millions of years. The second type is modified amber, which undergoes chemical treatment in order to have its color or degree of transparency changed. And, as always, there are pieces of jewelry containing mostly plastic and only small pieces of amber which have been melted together.


Deciding on the best type of amber jewelry is a matter of budget or preferences, but if you want to be the owner of a valuable piece, it is best if you invest more money into amber and purchase the natural varieties which are more resistant and will remain in your family for generations.