Things about permanent makeup you were too afraid to ask Aug14


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Things about permanent makeup you were too afraid to ask

Seeing your makeup fading away mid-day is not something pleasant, but it is something which many women face. Perhaps that’s why more and more women choose more permanent makeup options, such as tattooing. A great solution is semi permanent makeup, providing lasting results, but not as lasting to get bored of. As a result, more and more women across the globe choose this makeup technique, and needless to say, they are more than pleased with the results. However, below are some important things all women should know about permanent and semi-permanent makeup, things many of them were too afraid or ashamed to ask.


1. Permanent or semi-permanent?

This may be one of the guiding questions when it comes to cosmetic tattoos. You should know that there are two types of cosmetic tattooing: the permanent option, where the pigment is placed deep into the dermis, and will most certainly, last forever, and the semi-permanent one, where the pigment is placed in the outer layer and has temporary results. The results usually last 18 months. Before deciding what type of tattooing you would like to get, discuss with your professional and see what their advice is. The semi-permanent option will allow you to change the appearance of your makeup every one and a half year, while the permanent option, although it may require some touch ups, will be permanent. Keep in mind that if you don’t like the results in the case of permanent makeup, you will remain with them forever. This is why you must make sure that you collaborate with a true professional, with plenty of experience in cosmetic tattoos and appropriate equipment. Look up the technician’s reputation and portfolio. See if their approach fits your style and desires.

2. How painful is it?

Although they are tattoos, professionals claim that there is little discomfort one will experience during the process. There will be applied a topical cream that will create numbness in the area, which will make the entire process a painless one. Afterwards, by using specialised instruments, the technician will implant the pigment in the skin, deeper or shallow, depending on the type of tattoo that the client desires.

3. How do I choose a great technician?

When it comes to permanent face tattoos, there is no reason to bargain. Oftentimes, the smaller the prices, the poorer the results. This is why you want to make sure that you choose carefully the clinic and the technician as well.

  • If you are interested in a particular technician, research their reputation online. Search for reviews, and ask for former client’s opinion on their work. Don’t be shy, as we are talking about something with a permanent potential.
  • Visit their salon, and ask to see their photo books. This will give you a more accurate idea in terms of their work and potential.
  • Make sure that the clinic appears to be clean and sterile.

These are some things everybody should know about this approach on makeup. If you want to find out more, ask a professional, and they will certainly answer all your questions.