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Ways to wear Indian clothing

Whether you are Indian or not, you most certainly appreciate their clothing. The colors, the styles, they all appeal us. Not to mention the fact that they are made of natural and light fabrics. If you own, by accident or not, a saree or Indian shirt, for example, there are numerous ways to style it and wear at either special occasions or more casual, for a brunch. In you live in Australia, you can easily find Indian clothing shops Sydney.


1. Wear your Indian shirt for brunch

Indian shirts are perfect for hot summer days, because of the lightweight fabrics they are made of. Besides, the embroidery applied will add that ethnic look so many young women go for. Therefore, go buy yourself a white Indian shirt with some black embroidery. You can pair it with some short jeans shorts and white snickers. Alternatively, if you live in a chillier climate, you could try a black pair of jeans and sneakers. A large black bag would add a more laid-back look in both cases. Try a messy bun to finish the look and enjoy your brunch! Furthermore, this look would be perfect for a summer festival.

2. Wear an Indian saree for a walk in the park

If you find yourself a saree in more toned down colors, you could easily wear it for a walk in the park with your children or your friends. It is a confortable piece of clothing and paired with some roman sandals will let your skin breathe in the hot climates. Furthermore, if you feel adventurous, you could easily pull of a saree look for a festival. Try a braided hairstyle or simply a bun and enjoy your afternoon.

3. Try to wear a saree in a more classy way

If you are going to a wedding or other special event, you could definitely wear a saree. They are colorful and stylish and this is a way to leave a good impression on everybody. The colors you they come in are endless and it is up to your preferences what you go for. Our personal advice would be to go for a black or white piece with less embroidery. Pair it with some high heel sandals and natural makeup. Put your hair into an updo and you have your nighttime saree look.

Regardless of the occasion, a piece of Indian clothing is very versatile. The natural fabrics do not cause any allergies so you do not have to worry about such things. They are beautifully embroiled and have a great impact no matter the context you wear them. A beautiful saree is appropriate for a movie, a family dinner or a night a club. An Indian shirt is appropriate for either man or woman and can be styled in numerous ways. Man can wear them with jeans and sandals and women can wear them with shorts, long jeans either sandals or sneakers. Regarding the hairstyles you could leave your hair as it is, curl it or wear it into a bun.