What is hot and what not in the 2017 spring season? Mar06


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What is hot and what not in the 2017 spring season?


Fashion wise, spring is a versatile season, and since all the winter you were dying to wear pastels and skirts, and all the fun pieces one could have in their wardrobe, or maybe don’t, now you have the opportunity. However, if you don’t you can easily find essentials like Converse All Star at Spartoo, a great online fashion shop we are all thrilled about. But let’s see what all women should invest in this spring.

1. Comfy, sparkly shoes

Mix that pair of silver, shiny Converse you own (or you plan to buy) with a plain tee and a pastel skirt. The metallic shoe wear trend is still in high, even if for the past few years we continuously see them on the most modern city streets. They do make a great impression, are comfortable and easy to mix. However, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing such pieces, you can always go for a pair of plain white or black Converse. In the end, it’s all about personal preferences.

2. Pastels, pastels, and neon colours

Spring is all about bright colours. They fit perfectly in the atmosphere, and in the landscape. Try to replace your regular black leather jacket with a pastel pink one. Pair it with clothing pieces in plain colours and the effect will be amazing. The same rule applies to neon colours as well. A neon green skirt paired with your old leather jacket and blain black pumps will look stunning. A black tote will be the perfect piece to pair it with.

3. Floral pieces, for a flowery season

This might not be a ground-breaking suggestion, but honestly speaking, if spring and summer are not the seasons for floral prints, than what seasons are appropriate. Whether you integrate a floral scarf in an otherwise plain outfit, or you invest in a stunning floral dress, the choice depends exclusively on your personal taste, body type and how comfortable you feel wearing such a piece.

4. Here comes the sun! Invest in a beautiful pair of sunglass

Obviously, when the sun comes out, you must protect your sight from the harsh element. Invest in a pair of sunglasses that if appropriate for your face shape. You will find plenty of suggestions on how to pick them, if you search the Internet. You might be able to find some at discount, and you will get some designer sunglasses that will last you a couple of good years.

5. A pair of pumps

Your boyfriend might not love this piece, but it is such a comfortable and versatile one! Pumps continue to be a classic piece in every woman’s wardrobe, and they are for a couple of decades now. Make sure you pick a pair that fits your size perfectly, otherwise you will end hurting your feet. If they are a bit tight, you can find a couple of tricks out there on the Internet for losing them a little.