Wide leg pants – wear them at the office Sep14


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Wide leg pants – wear them at the office

The cold season is close, so you should think what new clothing items to buy for wearing at the office. There are many different items in the online stores and malls, but if you want to impress with your outfits you should invest in wide leg pants for women, because they seem to be the latest fashion must. Celebrities have added them in their wardrobe, and they are experimenting with new ways of accessorizing and wearing them. Yes, some of them are pairing them with crop tops, and other blouses that are not suitable to be worn at the office, but this does not mean that you cannot find a way to accessories them for obtaining a decent and elegant look. In the following article, you would find some suggestions that would help you make a statement when you wear your wide leg pants.

Wide leg pants styled with a stripped top

This is the classic outfit so you would not take a high risk if you choose to replace your skinny jeans with wide leg pants. So, you can choose a darker shade for the pants, because it would also offer you the illusion of a slimmer body, in case you have weight issues, and match it with a stripped top. You can pair the look with brown ankle boots, because even if the trousers would look more romantic if you let them trail along the floor, in case it would rain, you would damage their lower part.

Try white wide pants

If you are a fan of light shades, then you should consider adding into your wardrobe a pair of white trousers, and inspire from the outfits Jackie O. used to wear. They are the perfect piece to pair with a simple t-shirt and still look elegant at the office, and if you consider than it is quite cold outside, you can accessorize them with a chunky knit. If you liked to wear them in the summer, they would be your favorite item in the winter. You can even match them with a cream or white blouse if you want to dive into the hue, because they would help you achieve a stylish look. Do not forget to match them with some bold metallic accessories.

Choose a slim fit on the top

When it comes to stylish clothing items as wide leg pants, you have to balance them with the other pieces from your wardrobe. So it is advisable to wear something slim fitting for the upper part of the body. If you are looking for a classical look this combination is the key. There are many different models of slim fitting tops on the market, so you would have no difficulties in finding one that matches your style. However, in case you consider that this combination would not flaunt your body, then you can opt for a wider top, because even this model could make you look flattering. Consider your options and create a look that would complete your body shape and suit your style.